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The Recharge Beyond the Bars Restorative Communication Card Decks

Recharge was created specifically to address the emotional, social and communication struggles of incarcerated and formerly incarcerated individuals, and their families.

Recharge provides 400 thoughtful pre-designed questions and fun interactions which bring forth meaningful, empathetic and supportive conversations. For those whose lives have been filled with rejection and punishment, Recharge offers a new experience of acceptance, approval, and validation. A place where all participants can be fully themselves, discover one another anew, connect and re-connect, and share their demons and their dreams! 

Recharge assists with the goals of:

  • Genuine Communication
  • Healing
  • Transforming relationships inside and outside of prison walls
  • Building and rebuilding trust, compassion and understanding
  • Motivation and support for change
  • Social & Emotional learning & skills
  • Trauma & Stress Processing &  Reduction
  • Renewed hope
  • Alleviating challenges
  • Building bridges
  • AND MORE . . .

The Keep It Real Inclusion Game:

A Game of Connection. A Game of Peace. A Game of Inclusion. A Game of Love.

The Keep It Real Inclusion game is successfully utilized in approximately 1,000 Colleges and Universities, one hundred Boys & Girls Clubs, High Schools, Recovery High Schools, Youth Programs, Youth Clubhouses, Residential Treatment Programs, Alternative High Schools, Prisons and Jails, Organizations and Corporations, Community Programs, Violence Prevention Programs, among Friends and Family, and more in order to achieve the following goals:

  • Positive & Supportive Interaction with Peers– Provides a sense of Belonging 
  • Empathy, Compassion & Respect for Self and Others(Anti-Bullying) 
  • Social & Emotional Life Skills
  • A Proven Asset in Developmental Growth/ Identity Development 
  • Self Esteem Enhancement Due to Being Listened to and Accepted in All of One’s Authenticity
  • Communication & Listening Skills
  • Critical Thinking Skills
  • Ability to Express One’s Self Spontaneously & Courageously
  • Discover New and Expanded Ways of Relating
  • Increased Feelings of Acceptance
  • Relieve Systemic Isolation
  • Diminish Depression
  • Build Positive and Supportive Teams 
  • Professional Development
  • Get to Know Your Friends and Family Members in Deep and Profound ways 
  • Trauma & Stress Processing &  Reduction
  • Cultural Awareness and Humility
  • Suicide Prevention
  • Build Bridges Across Differences
  • AND MORE . . .

What People Think of the Games

"RECHARGE is amazing! This activity is interactive, thought-provoking, and exciting. Students enjoyed participating in this game while taking an introspective look at their past, current, and future behaviors."

Clorinda Sanders
Ex-offender Career Development Instructor

"Playing Warrior Spirit Mission Homefront made us realize why we fell in love to begin with, why we stay together, and that deep down inside my husband is still the same person he was before he went to Iraq. It was like magic, I had my husband back."

Awilda Martinez
Wife of an Iraq Veteran

“The Keep It Real game will challenge students to think beyond their limited experience, to dream, to joke, to laugh, to feel, to create a culture of transparency and vulnerability. They can be who they are; not who they think they should be. They can Keep It Real!”

Moses Sanchez, Youth Minister
Student Venture NYC 

The Warrior Spirit Mission Homefront Reintegration & Resilience Card Decks

Offers Refuge, Hope, and Healing to Those Who Have Courageously & Faithfully Served Our Country.

Warrior Spirit’s goal is to empower Service Members to share their deployment and life experiences with peers, loved ones, partners, families, and friends in a healthy, enjoyable, reflective and interactive environment and to surround the Service Member’s military experience with meaning, compassion, and comradeship.

This tool of substance allows Service Members to open up communication among fellow military men and women, as well as among family members, friends, and partners. Warrior Spirit prevents and/or delays issues of mental health and suicide among Veterans. Evidence-Based Research states 88% of Service Members prefer peer to peer interaction rather than speaking to an expert, and 85% recommend Warrior Spirit to others. This positive response and feedback underscores the profound need for this reintegration tool to help Service Members:

  • Build Trust
  • Let Down Defenses
  • Facilitate Self-Awareness
  • Open Communication
  • Invite Spontaneity and Playfullness
  • Accept Support
  • Process Trauma & Reduce Stress
  • Share Unique Experiences
  • Allow Vulnerability
  • Understand and Reconnect, as well as connect in deeper ways
  • Diminish Depression & Prevent Suicide
  • AND MORE . . .

In the Line of Duty Police Officer Dialogue Card Deck

Nurtures a Positive, Meaningful, Compassionate Police Identity.

Developed by and for Police Officers, In the Line of Duty is designed to strengthen personal and professional resilience in an engaging, enjoyable, reflective and interactive environment.

Policing at its best is incredibly challenging, and presents unique stressors and sacrifices to those who serve this noble calling. In The Line of Duty is designed to help Officers to navigate and reflect on the internal path of the Warrior/Guardian and where your personal journey has brought you. At the same time, the In The Line of Duty process is a valuable tool for strengthening personal and professional resilience.

  • Provides an opportunity to bypass stigma and speak about issues they may face
  • Facilitates speaking through moral dilemmas to build trust, and find relief
  • Encourages resilience, hope, and readiness to answer the call

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