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Our intimate, face-to-face communication games have proven to fill an extensive void in our fast-paced, increasingly disconnected technological world.

Trance4mation Nation’s board games and card decks make indispensable dialogue, and transformative, life-changing, deeply compassionate conversations convenient and highly enjoyable, and have impacted over one hundred thousand lives to date.

When you have no way to process your experiences, or to share your struggles and your dreams, possibly little access to resources–when you won’t or can’t go to a therapist or counselor, where can you go?

Trance4mation Nation has met and continues to meet this challenge by developing and launching restorative communication games which provide for a human infrastructure of compassion and healing. Hundreds of millions of people have no one to share their struggles, lives, experiences, or even their dreams with, and do not have access to, or resources for therapy, or due to stigma will not go to a counselor or therapist.

No matter how alone you may feel, these tools provide a space in which we discover we share many of the same struggles, and where we can give and receive guidance, support, compassion and healing...And have a great time!

Dr James

Dr. Kirk 'Jae' James

Clinical Assistant Professor at NYU Silver

Dr. Kirk “Jae” James is a Clinical Assistant Professor at NYU Silver. Jae was born in Montego Bay, Jamaica, during a period of political and social unrest. He would ultimately migrate to the United States at ten years old with his mother in search of a better life. Yet the “American Dream,” like it is to many immigrants of color, would be more mirage than reality — the nightmare that awaited Jae — that 1 in 3 black men between 16 and 24 would be victims of what many scholars (decades later) would rather euphemistically title: “Mass Incarceration.”

As a college student with no prior criminal record, Jae would be arrested on April 13, 1994, and charged under a myriad of conspiracy counts related to the Rockefeller Drug Laws. He would be denied bail, trapped on Rikers Island for six months, and ultimately sentenced to life in prison at 19 years old. Jae would spend nine years in prison fighting an Order of Deportation, raising a daughter that was born two months after his incarceration, and getting a college degree before his eventual release in 2003. Since his release, Jae has been a champion of immigrant rights, mass incarceration, and raising awareness of the trauma instigated by various systems of oppression.

Minerva "Mimi" Pascula

Criminal Justice Activist and Fellow for Second Chance Studios

Minerva “Mimi” Pascual is a criminal justice activist who considers herself an “artivist,” blending the worlds of justice reform and media. Currently, she serves as a Fellow for Second Chance Studios. She was selected to be a part of the inaugural cohort focused on helping returning citizens build digital media careers.

Mimi is also the Founder of La-Madrina Entertainment, a production company that honors her Latino heritage and is dedicated to sharing relatable stories with the world.

Previously, Minerva worked with SingSing Prison Collective Oral Histories as well as fashion pioneer FUBU where she led advertising, marketing, and public relations. She has also served as a producer, actor, and writer for productions such as the weekly internet radio show “It’s Coffie Time,” a show that focuses on issues related to social, racial, and criminal justice reform in America, as well as the critically-acclaimed film “Take the Bridge'' which was featured at the Tribeca and HBO Latino Film Festivals. One of her proudest accomplishments is developing a reality show that was later pitched and picked up by Sony Entertainment.

port 2

Celia Brown

Activist in the Psychiatric Survivor movement and Regional Advocacy Specialist at the NYC field Office, New York State Office of Mental Health. 

Celia Brown is an African American woman and long time activist in the psychiatric survivor movement. Celia is the Regional Advocacy Specialist at the NYC Field Office, New York State Office of Mental Health. She provides technical assistance and support to people with psychiatric disabilities and their families. She was instrumental in developing the peer specialist civil service title in the Country, and first peer specialist in NYS. Celia facilitates trainings on peer support, self-care and wellness approaches. She earned her NYS Peer Certification. Celia is the founder of Surviving Race: The Intersection of Injustice, Disability and Human Rights, She is a member of the Healing and Hip Hop team and uses her experiences in recovery through music.

Celia is a Keep It Real 100 Creator for a virtual game to support Black, Indigenous, People of Color Youth and allies with mental health, addiction, and other categories.

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Our intimate, face-to-face communication games have proven to fill an extensive void in our fast-paced, increasingly disconnected technological world.

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